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No compromises – Meister Lee Master Laboratory

What services do we offer? Ask us rather what we don't offer: if you're looking for cheap foreign dentures or a special "budget line", you're looking in the wrong place.

It is important for us to offer each patient the solution that comes as closest as possible to his or wishes and options and your individual treatment concept. We can only guarantee that if we do the work ourselves and check every detail. After a few professionally fascinating years working at a university dental clinic, we put the emphasis on a personal, close partnership to you as the dental practitioner. We will come to your location as needed. But personal contact with the patient is important and not just for colour matching of teeth. Even we would prefer to be there by your side as you work on a digital treatment plan based on your CT or DVT data.

And, if you wish, you can also send your patient to the Meister Lee dental studio for a personal consultation, of course.