meister lee

Our role model? The natural tooth, of course!

If we had to say that we had a primary focus in our work, then it would surely be implant prosthetics. For many years, we have been working very intensively with this almost-natural form of prosthetic.

No other form of tooth replacement comes as close to natural teeth as an implant. Even in the planning stages of the implant surgery, we have the prosthetic goal in view. Guided surgery, using templates to guide implant dentistry, ensures prosthetically optimal placement of the implant. Computer-assisted manufacture of custom abutments lets us respond to the unique dental situation of our patients.

Modern materials, such as zirconium oxide ceramic and the precision of 3-D digital design and CAD/CAM manufacturing allow us to take the work of a dental technician to a whole new level thanks to implant technology.

From the highly aesthetic all-ceramic solution for the single anterior prosthetic to a functional full denture, implant technology gives us full freedom to create the best solution.