meister lee
ceramic precision

Perfection is... completely invisible!

A1, A2, A3? A tooth is not a number. Each tooth is a masterpiece full of detail, with different nuances, shades and hues.

The natural translucency of the enamel and the transparency of the gumline require great care, not only in the design of the crown, but already in the planning of the implant position and manufacturing patient-specific ceramic abutments. Our many years of experience with ceramic restorations give us a valuable foundation for exploiting the full potential of modern, digital technologies.

With the use of modern CAD/CAM technologies, we are now able to manufacture even wide-span bridges accurately with no need for complex adjustment when inserting the prosthetic. And all as close as possible to the patient's natural smile ...

We offer a small glimpse into the work of our laboratory under "Case Studies".